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Founded by
Monica Granados Agami

Strong and principled leadership is essential to our mission of helping our clients secure and grow their wealth.

Monica founded Golden Pomegranate with this in mind over 20 years ago and continues to live by this daily while overseeing the delivery of wealth management strategies to high net worth families and their businesses. She is a caring mother of 2, loving wife and has family globally. Giving her a unique insight into the barriers of international wealth management.

Devoted to enabling growth and prosperity.

For centuries, the world’s wealthiest individuals and families have sought to serve their families, humanity and promote the wellbeing of others through their activities.

We are devoted to assisting these individuals and families in order to make their financial goals a reality and secure their legacy.


While our clients hail from nations all over the globe and from many walks of life, they share certain values and behaviors that transcend borders. Our team of professionals shares and understands these values while our network spans the globe in order to best assist and guide you with what you need, when and where you need it. Helping you navigate the waters of advanced wealth and legacy planning.

The story behind
“Golden Pomegranate”

The "Golden Pomegranate" has a rich history and deep cultural significance. In many ancient societies, the pomegranate was considered a sign of fertility, abundance, refinement and good fortune. Today, it remains a beloved symbol representing the abundance of life's blessings and the promise of a bright and fruitful future.

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